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Product: PL015 Kneading massage cushion

Product Rating:

I bought this unit for my husband. The massage is strong, gets to the knots, and deep muscle. It works perfectly!

Lori Murphy, President

Store: People to People Foundation

Product: Jade Massage Cushion

Product Rating:

I have used several products from Prospera, my favorite is the jade massage cushion which I use daily in my home office computer chair. The double pair of kneading heads gives a very deep tissue massage and it releases tension by improving blood circulation. It's also great for my neck and shoulders. In addition to these benefits, the jade stones emit calcium, magnesium and iron in which we all need. I believe in this product because it has helped keep my blood pressure under control and improved my circulation. I highly recommend it!

James Murphy

Store: purchased online

Product: Penguin Massager.

Product Rating:

I use this massager quite frequently since I have a very bad back. Due to my back surgery in 1975 arthritis had already started to move in. I get a great sense relief from my pain with the penguin. It gives me a great no nonsense massage and allows me to increase pressure to what I need easily due to it's shape. It never fails to give me great sense of relief from my pain and allows me to get on with what I might need to do..