Customer Praise

Jillian M

Store: Purchased online

Product: Slim Belt Massager

Product Rating:

Many of my friends were recommending the belt slimming massager and I can see why! The product is easy to use and does a great job toning the midsection. I also went online to purchase one of Prospera's portable back massagers and it works like a gem. Never before have I felt so relaxed , wow these products really hit the right spot!

Valerie Hodge

Store: purchased online

Product: electronic pulse massager

Product Rating:

I have a spinal cord injury that causes me to have lots of pain and  job duties cause my shoulders to hurt from the nerve damage. Every morning when I come home from work and use the electronic pulse massager to loosen up my muscles so I can sleep. I recommend this product to anyone that has chronic pain.

kevin collins

Store: Amazon

Product: Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager

Product Rating:

Hi I think the Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager is a good product. However it has recently stopped working when the I turned on  the Unit letter "P" appears on the screen and it will not function. The manual does not address this issue. Can the unit be reset ? Thank You K. Collins