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Magic TENS in Focus

Are your muscles always stiff and painful after workout sessions or chores? Is there an inflammation on your body? Do you always feel the need to get massaged but do not have the time nor resources to frequent SPAs for a treat? What if I tell you that there is a flexible and very affordable device that you can buy once and has the ability to solve all your muscles related issues? Would you believe it if I tell you that you can do this from the comfort of your home? It not only comes equipped with the benefits of SPA treatments but also has an added advantage of being very mobile, easy to use and very affordable!

This is introducing the Prospera Electronic Pulse massager code-named Magic TENS; amazingly compact yet work wonders!


  • Cable-free
  • Five operating modes
  • Ten Intensities
  • Micro-computer controlled
  • Extremely User-friendly!


It brings great relief to tensed, sore and aching muscles. Be it in the neck, shoulder, arm, waist, back or leg. It also helps fight spasm, inflammation and soothes stiffness. These help in proper blood circulation, relieves pain/stress and blesses you with relaxed muscles, clear mind and a sweet sleep.


Simply strap Prospera Electronic Pulse massager to the aching region, activate it with a push on its button and hold for 3 sec, pour yourself a cup of coffee, relax and let it work its wonders. You do not need to book expensive and time-consuming sessions with physical therapist nor chiropractor before you can have access to this wonderful device!

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