Privacy Policy

Prospera commitment to the privacy and security of our site visitors and customers is firm and serious. We respect your privacy and never sell or rent our subscriber contact information.

We use your IP address only to verify your billing address information and to issue our subscriber statistics reports for internal usage by Prospera staff only.

We use your email for important announcements and other important information about your account. We may use your email to send you our newsletters. To unsubscribe from receiving our newsletters, you must reply to sales@prosperacorp.comcreate new email address with just one word unsubscribe or remove in the Subject or in the body of your message.

To further protect your privacy we offer you an SSL (Secured Socket Layer) connection option to your account hosted on our server both for browser based and Windows client. If you select SSL then all data packages transferred between your client computer and the WebAsyst server (including file attachments) are encrypted with 128-bit key and can not be fraudulently intercepted and read. The SSL certificate also ensures you are connected exactly to the WebAsyst server rather than being routed by a hacker to deceptive WebAsyst-like looking server.

Prospera will not view, share, distribute, print or refer any of your data, except as provided in the Terms of Service, or as may be required by law.

Prospera protects your data, including contact information, at our website against loss, misuse or alteration by taking extensive security measures.