Prospera is a leading US provider of high quality, innovative, affordable health consumer electronics. Prospera designs and manufactures a variety of products from FDA approved TENS units (510K), massagers, foot spa to other health and beauty products. Our products help reduce muscle tension and release stress and back pain caused by today’s active lifestyle.  Prospera is headquartered in Livermore, California, San Francisco Bay Area.

Prospera Customers

Prospera customers include persons of all ages who enjoy getting the most out of life. From marathoners to joggers, and from weekend gardeners to do-it-yourselfersour customers feel good about everything they do-work, play and relaxation. They are not going to let stress or aching muscles get in the way of fully enjoying life!

Prospera Technology

Over the past decade, Prospera has made significant technological advancements in the area of health consumer electronics (CE). The Prospera’s advancements have focused on pain and stress relief using various innovative mechanisms, including electrical stimulations. One example is the dozens of materials tested by Prospera in order to perfect handheld massage units that’s shape, texture and other characteristics provide comfort of use while optimizing pain and stress relief.

Prospera Services

We offer 90 days warranty for all Prospera products, both labors and parts are included. For more information, please Click to Contact. To date Prospera has obtained six patents, three trademarks and two FDA approvals for the new technologies they have developed. Somewhat unique to the industry, all of Prospera’s TENs units have received FDA approval for over the counter sales in conformance with Federal Regulations.

Prospera Quality

Prospera products prove that affordability should never be at the expense of quality. Each feature of every massage product we sell is designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality production and assurance. Our state-of-the-art factories are ISO 2000:9001 certified. All of our products are UL, ETL or CETL certified. We only use eco-friendly materials free of lead or other toxic substances. Prospera factories have been manufacturing massage products for more than 20 years. And all those years of experience go into every Prospera massage product you purchase.

What Our Customers have to Say